JP Biz-Jet 2012 CD

JP Biz-Jet 2012 CD

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The JP Biz-Jet CD 2012  is available now so pre-order your copy. 

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Our JP guides offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date insight into the Aviation Industry of today. With the merge of two combined databases, ACAS and ASO, resulting from the recent acquisition of Ascend, the 2012 JP guides are able to offer premium quality data. Our team of industry experts bring to you detailed directories and high quality images of the latest commercial fleets and business jets in book, CD and guide form. 

The publication lists the world fleet of corporate-owned aircraft, include:
  • individual listings for over 19,000 jets and over 11,000 turboprops, including VLJs;
  • listings by registration within country;
  • fully cross referenced by manufacturer and construction number;
  • over 3,000 aircraft written off or withdrawn from use;
  • summary reports by type and country;
  • Russian-manufactured types from Ilyushin, Tupolev and Yakovlev etc;
  • details of which aircraft within the in-service fleet are active or parked

New facts for 2012:  
  • growth in the African turboprop fleet from 503 to 612, 22%
  • a 12% rise in the jets in the Far East with a 36% rise in China specifically (109 to 148)
  • 15% rise in the S American jet fleet with the Brazilian fleet reaching 655 aircraft up 18%

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